“BIAS-M” is company that offers design and consulting services in the area of high-rise, low-rise and specific buildings and structures.
These are reinforced concrete (R.C.) structures (solid, precast, pre-stressed and post-tensioned), steel, composite (steel-concrete), wood-frame structures etc.
The company is capable of providing complex design services.
The capacity of the company on annual basis is 200 000 ÷ 300 000 sq.m for structural designs and 15 000 - 20 000sq.m for complex designs.
The bureau consists of 20 constantly active engineers: 18 civil engineers, an architect and an office manager. Our team combines experienced and skilful specialists and young and ambitious designers. The design bureau is registered as a member of the “Chamber of Engineers in the Investment Design”. Each civil engineer has a full design capability certificate and five of them have technical control licence for structural part of the designs.
The company works with modern office equipment and various licensed software for structural analysis and engineering graphics.
The clients and partners of “BIAS-M” are one of the biggest construction and investment companies, and also leading Bulgarian and foreign design companies.
The bureau has a professional insurance for different types of structures and is certified by E.A. “Bulgarian accreditation service”. The company meets all requirements of the quality management system – ISO 9001:2015, environment management system – ISO 14001:2015, Occupational Health and Safety Standard – BS OHSAS 18001:2007.